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Unlocking the Secrets to Achieving Glowing and Healthy Skin: Top Tips

As our largest organ, our skin is the first layer of defense against the outside world. It even gives us insight into our overall health; therefore it’s imperative to take good care of our skin. In return, our skin will keep on defending us against all elements.

Healthy skin

Protect against sun damage

Stay indoors at the hottest time of the day (usually after noon; apply during winter also). If you must be outdoors, use sunscreen.

Avoid tanning beds or sunlamps

They emit the same harmful UV radiation as the sun to achieve healthy skin.

Do Cleanse

Use lukewarm water - not hot and a hydrating cleanser during winter and gentle glow cleanser year-round for a clean, gentle wash.

Alleviate Dry Skin

from the inside/out by staying hydrated

See my previous Blog, “Winter Dehydration” for drink recipes.

Get Plenty of Rest

Even if it means taking a ‘power nap’  Aim for 7-8 hours. Teens aim for 9 hours

Manage Stress

Believe it or not, stress harms the skin and other body system.


Regular exercise can help with stress management

Achieving Healthy Skin - Don’t Be Shy

Share with your physician any odd changes to your skin e.g. rashes or moles that change size or color.

CC: “SelfCare is FirstCare” 


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