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5 Simple Winter-Proof Steps to Radiant Skin

Although being born and bred in the Caribbean; but have lived more years in North America, I have to admit, I do Love the cooler temps of Fall and Winter.

However, what those temps do to my skin… not so much!

With much trial and error, I’ve found that these “5 simple steps are fool-proof ways to winterize my skin and give me a Radiant Glow…”


Limit the long, hot showers! I know… during the cold months, there’s nothing better, but it’s a sure way of keeping your skin extremely dry and itchy.

Note: Drier skin looks older.


Let’s get rid of some of that dead, dry skin… Exfoliate!

Do this ONLY ONCE per week during these cold months, and if you’re extra dry, do this every other week.

Exfoliating not only aids in skin regeneration but also with product absorption.

My favorite Winter Scrub is Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub.


Moisturizer while WET! YES!

While skin is still wet(well damp) it locks in more moisture.

Look for moisturizers with Ceramides or get my personal favorite Love & Reign Shea Butter.


My skincare routine (face and neck)

Cleanse | Eye Cream | Serum | Moisturize | Sunscreen | Tinted Moisturizer

Look for products with Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides…

Hyaluronic acid hydrates and holds up to 1,000x water, while the peptides and ceramides help to maintain that moisture.


Sunscreen is a must… No Exceptions!

My year-round favorite is Brightening Day Protection.

I do like finishing with a tinted moisturizer.

Follow these 5 Steps and I promise you Radiant! Glowing winter skin!

“STAY HYDRATED! Get plenty of Rest!

Because as we know Radiant Skin Cells and everything else start from the Inside/Out”


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