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Timeless Beauty: Do's and Don'ts Tips


DO wear SPF Moisturizer even on cloudy days!

It takes only 15 minutes for the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays to damage your skin, increasing your chances of wrinkles, age spots and cancer

This per Yale Medicine dermatologists.

Please DO wear sun Protection!

Try Deché Cosmetics Brightening Day Protection SPF 50 for maximum coverage and benefits.

DO apply makeup in natural light and yes use the right tools. Three brushes of choice to start with. Type of brush makes the difference in applying your blush.

  • Creams and Liquid blushes - use a synthetic brush

  • Powder blushes - use a natural fiber brush

DO keep dark or brightly polished nails short.

Applying makeup in natural light, will get you the most true insight into what your makeup would look like in standard bright sunlight.

DO know that if you have time for only one thing, it should be ‘au contraire’ mascara…

How about Lip color?

My go to lip treatment(pic lip serum.


DON’T scrub your face ‘squeaky’ clean… Drying!

Use a gentle, hydrating, cream cleanser like Deché Cosmetics Hydrating Cleanser.

This cleanser will dissolve dull surface cells, while moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

DON’T use the itty-bitty brushes that come with blush.

DON’T over-pluck; Are we still doing this?

Lots of other options!



DO exfoliate before self-tanning to avoid blotchy color.

DON’T apply conditioner all over hair; concentrate on the ends.

DON’T apply lip liner beyond your natural lip line… unless you know what you’re doing.

Remember: Nothing beats staying hydrated and getting your 💤


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