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Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Pout

Don't forget about your pout!

1. Exfoliate

Do Not Skip This Step!

It’s essential to have healthy, soft, supple lips… choose a gentle lip scrub.

Use once or twice per week.

See and feel the difference!

2. Lip Serum

I apply a lip serum 2-3x per week.

This serum is packed with Hyaluronic

acid, peptides, and vitamins.

Available in 4 colors.

They are absorbed deep into the skin of

exfoliated lips to soothe, hydrate, and renew cells for the Perfect Pout!

3. Hydrate


Now, that our lips have been exfoliated, and our serum applied, let’s protect them.

Apply a Lip Balm!

The hydrating ingredients in these products protect from moisture loss

and attracts water into the skin;

keeping our lips hydrated.

4. Protect


YES… for your lips.

Use Lip Balm with at least SPF15 to prevent premature wrinkles, sun damage, or discoloration.

5. Lip Mask

So much FUN with Benefits! There’s a mask for everywhere!

Our lips are no exception! Lip Masks provide much-needed TLC.

It tackles chapped, dry, cracked and everything in between…

Remember for your perfect pout: *Stay Hydrated… Lips Love it!

*Avoid lip licking - Saliva, not only dries the skin of our lips but can also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

NOTE: Lip Balm’s your friend!

*Keep your favorite Lip Balm close: I keep my personal favorite lip balm, not only at home but in my car and travel bag - it’s my constant companion.

Use alone, under, and/or over your favorite lip color for the Perfect Pout! PUCKER UP!!


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