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Fab Fridays! SUMMER Beauty is a Vibe!

Question: What is Fab Fridays?

Answer: Treats!

Every Friday, look out for your Fun Facts to keep us looking our best throughout these Hot and Steamy months.

Your Summer Beauty Must Haves: Two Products Only! Papaya Enzyme Cleanser and Papaya Enzyme Toner. That’s it! I kid you not!

*Papaya Enzyme Cleanser is a gentle, exfoliating, foaming face wash rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Papain Vitamins A, C, E. Naturally exfoliating with the added benefit of aiding in fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This provides us with an even skin tone.

*For All Skin Type

*Papaya Enzyme Toner… Alcohol Free!

Not only… Stimulates! Cleanses! Refreshes!

Also… Softens! Smooths! Hydrates!

All while assisting in new cell regeneration

*For All Skin Types


Follow your Papaya Enzyme Summer Beauty Routine with any of the following:

Always apply first: Serum. Your skin will thank you for it!

Best Serums *Neroli Serum  lightweight, magic oil. Calms and heals broken blood vessels.

Peptide Serum A pro-aging powerhouse. Repairs and rebuilds skin structure; for more mature skin.

Skin Transforming Serum lightweight. Reduces the appearance of pores

Protect your beautiful summer glow with a broad spectrum tinted moisturizer SPF20/30 or just use a *Brightening Day Protection SPF50.

Highlight neck and cheekbones for a little added beauty with our *Rose Face Balm  

Luxurious. Decadent. Melts into the skin. Delivers subtleness, freshness and a soft glow to the skin.

Finish your look with our *Beautiful Soft Rose Lip Balm in ‘Sweet Briar’ for a personalized color and soft shine

or try a * Tinted Lipstick Balm in color of choice for lip nourishment, hydration and subtle color.

Vitamin C Lip Tint Get double-performance with these; another personal summer favorite.

Sheer Shine color and total Lip Care; All in One and “VOILA… You’re Summer Vibing!!”



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